With or Without Glasses

With or without glasses

The acuity had painfully deranged

Smudges of contour silhouetted on

the blind spot

And I missed the fine edge of the alphabets

And fell miserably into 6/18 right, 6/24 left

The clarity is like an oasis with a thousand glinting


Our love is therefore superficially virtual

but deeply real.


With or without glasses

And so I guessed the alphabets again

“That must be an ‘E’ but why it is now an ‘R’?”

I was confused.

N  D










“What is this letter?” the nurse asked,


“Z for Zamrud,” I murmured


But I was happy

I spell your name on the Snellen’s chart

And our love was only 6-metre apart.


With or without glasses

I squinted hard,

to squeeze out the fresh vitreous juice

out from the eyeball,

to water the oily film draping the cornea

the lens subluxed, slanted

Pupil dilated, distorted;

Iris torn up from small

Homophobic punches

Your eagerness swept into the skull

Along with my tears,

Swollen, sweat, blood, red, wet, hate, hatred, artificial tear drops, painkillers,

CT brain with contrast;

All shadowed into a kaleidoscope of agony.


With or without glasses

I will still love you

Seven layers of retina

Seven layers of rainbow

Everything were embedded into a prism

I can see you from afar, nervous, running

away from those religious rays of perspectives

Our love—a myopic view,

Crystallised images tracked along

the optical fibres,

they snapped!

scattered into sheets of astral projections

A graffiti sprayed at the corner of the visual cortex

Out of foci,


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© 2020 Orris Root

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