Plateau-Rayleigh Instability

   The Plateau–Rayleigh instability, often just called the Rayleigh instability, explains why and how a falling stream of fluid           breaks up into smaller packets with the same volume but less surface area.

that long summer when we were kids
inventing fun between sisters

me carrying the weight of the world
on my head     (you pushing) the bag of sugar

falling             I remember your thundercloud face

humming before glowing before cracking

I was trying so hard    to impress you

and willing to perform            becoming air

climbing the stairs      like you told me to

you at the bottom        arms out          saying

go on                                                               go on

the flat top       of the landing              me somersaulting

the plateau                               (you)                           disappearing

me                   of course                                 falling                                     like rain

Parabolic Motion.png

© 2020 Orris Root

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