Millions of universes appear in the infinite consciousness like specks of dust in a beam of light.(Vedas)



One of the seven in Columbia you travelled into infinity to space, the final frontier

An Indian woman from the Punjab you drew pictures of planes in your childhood

‘You are just your intelligence’ you said in the weightlessness of a space shuttle

The thirty days in space you must have seen the beauty of the universe,

the world within the worlds, the infinite consciousness like specks of dust

our blue planet from the universe above, desperate to come home to enlighten us.

Your young life sacrificed with the six other crew, so man can conquer space

your ashes mingled as dust with dust in Utah but your name Chawla lives on

from science institutes all over the world to Star Trek novel and pop music, you

blazed away from earth to space and back to earth again, one of us always.




     Kalpana Chawla was one of the seven astronauts on Columbia space shuttle.

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© 2020 Orris Root

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