In every atom there are worlds within worlds. [3.20] Yoga Vasistha (1500 BCE)


Vedas mention fourteen worlds, sixty four dimensions

three Lokas of earth, sky and heaven is our universe.

A tiny part of the vast universe we are but one of many.

The same dust and light has nurtured all living beings

Man believes himself to be superior to all, interdependence

Ignored, the resources overused, environment ruined.

A wasted life for man indulges his huge ego

he struggles towards power and wealth

Lost in avarice, for a few moments of glory.

Unaware of the Maya of life, transitory as a gossamer

spider’s web, we are but tiny specks in history.

Time devours all lives and returns us to dust.



     Schr¨odinger (1961) claims that the Vedic slogan “All in One and One in All”         was an idea that led him to the creation of quantum mechanics

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