Chickenometry II

The color of your legs often = the color

of your eggs + my carcass

weight total ≥ a grain portion

x might consume in her lifetime (2).

Fights break out; aggressive pecking secures

outdoor access. Some will maim you.

It is our eyes which often take the brunt----

we’re tweaked beaks all vying to become

↗ more luscious ↗ more muscled;

proportionally ⤵ less fatty.  Just imagine

the end run! Can u wrap your head around

this packageable meat equation----?

The shape and texture of my breast,

dependent upon my aerobic efforts ⇒

all about this peck-a-bout yard. It’s all

about his frivolous comb. So says the rooster

standing nigh----So say the human’s petulant lies.

Speaking of the stun-gun; have I not yet died?

I squat in prep for misery. Some kill-hand

wrings my neck assuredly. After the pot shots

by cocks! O Prank Eviscerator: grab slit strip, ∞

Tomorrow, you’ll pop me in the cooker----

When I am x. Average supermarket chicken.

When I am x = $4.99/lb. GMO



© 2020 Orris Root

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